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Dance Dance New Age Revolution

Posted on 2006.08.18 at 12:51

I am so absent minded. I completly forgot to go out yesterday. (How does one forget to have fun).

I missed dancing. :( (at least I got some work done, I was at school untill around ten).

at least today is day 5, almost a week.


mass media

Posted on 2006.08.16 at 12:21
Again, its day number 3.

elephant man

wasted nothingness

Posted on 2006.08.14 at 14:41
Current Mood: annoyedwith trevor
Im a mess, time to clean myself up.

elephant man


Posted on 2006.08.11 at 14:10
Current Location: 411
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: the donnas
I might be going to the ottawa in october for a category theory conference, this would be great for networking, and for supervisor hunting.

I need to find people to give me money for the trip, I have one potential funder. I doubt the department could pass me some funding, but if so that'd be nice. Who else could I ask? Maybe the orgaizers of the conference.

I think i've determined that I will be applying at the following four universities:
McGill, Dalhousie, York, and U of Ottawa.

It's starting to look like its more important to choose a good supervisor, than a "good university". although I'd really like to live in montreal.

I think I need a nap.

Posted on 2006.08.10 at 13:32
Current Location: 411
Current Mood: awakego gaming
Current Music: pink maggit
need to start working.


Lost Sanity

Posted on 2006.08.08 at 18:27
Current Location: couch
Current Mood: upsidedown
Current Music: dryer
Im home. Its nice. I need a new bike.



Posted on 2006.07.26 at 19:57
Im looking a used bicycle, if anyone finds a good deal please let me know.

Posted on 2006.07.25 at 22:41
Sweet, Im getting results now!

Sorry Heather for the lack of phone calls.

Good news, Im really going to stop smoking pot this time. How you ask? I'm getting rid of all my pot. No im not flushing it. It's going to good use, dont worry.

Today was day one, tomorrow is two :D. I feel better already! (although I dont know how IM going to sleep tonight).

elephant man

Im Back for Real this Time.

Posted on 2006.07.25 at 10:57
Current Location: over the rainbow
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: air conditoner
Someone Stole my bike last night. Thats what I get for leaving it outside all the time.

We're restarting the no pot count. Today is day number one.

I have lots of work to do, and i need to wash my face,

Posted on 2006.07.21 at 12:27
Today is day number one without pot.

Les, sorry I didnt call you yesterday, it was not a good day for my ego.

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